Our Systems and Software Engineering services support activities across the product’s life cycle for our DoD and NASA customers. We provide both software development and systems/software engineering support services.

Our software development activities cover all phases of the life cycle (requirements, design, code, test, deployment, and maintenance) and employ the latest technologies and software development tools for maximum effect. These activities are performed in accordance with the different life cycle models we use (waterfall, spiral, agile, etc.) and are supported by engineering processes defined for the organizations we support. Our software development activities cover a variety of technology domains including radar modeling and simulation (maintenance and enhancements to radar, missile, and debris models and simulation systems), re-architecting and porting real-time embedded software from legacy systems to modern object-oriented technologies, developing and enhancing desktop systems using .NET and object-

oriented software development tools and techniques, developing custom tools to automate software development and software testing, and developing interactive data visualization and decision support systems for commanding officer level staff.

Our Systems and Software Engineering support services (Independent Verification and Validation, Configuration and Data Management, Quality Assurance, Program Management, Risk Management, etc.) improve our customers’ confidence that systems will work as expected when deployed, ensure problems are found early in the life cycle, and ensure integrity of the systems. We provide solutions across the product life cycle to mitigate risk and increase system quality, reliability, and probability of program success.

Focused on Results

Enhanced Operational Correctness

Defect Prevention

Higher Level of End-User Satisfaction

Products That Meet the Operational Need

Reduced Development Risk (Schedule, Cost, Performance)