Process Improvement and CMMI Services

Our Process Improvement capability ensures that processes work for our customers and not the other way around. CSSA has been involved in CMMI since 1998, before the first version of the model was ever published.

Our President and CEO, Sandra Cepeda, is one of the authors of both CMMI and the associated appraisal method. Our CMMI experts have a thorough understanding of the model and recommend practical, value-added implementations to our customers in different domains and company sizes.

We have successfully provided CMMI training, coaching, consulting, and appraisals to government and commercial customers ranging from 6 people in a single location to 500 people located in 9 different countries. We have 100% CMMI coaching success rate – companies achieve their target CMMI ratings on schedule and under cost. CSSA has developed and successfully customized and deployed to many organizations a compliant set of CMMI processes. In addition to CMMI-based processes, we also

help customers implement ISO 9001 quality management systems and integrate ISO 9001 and CMMI implementations into a single set of processes.

As an author of the CMMI model and appraisal method, a member for the CMMI for Services Advisory Board, a member of the CMMI for Services Extended Training Team, a member of the SEI/CMMI Institute Partner Network for CMMI and SCAMPI services, and a CMMI Institute Consultant, our company is uniquely qualified to help customers define and use cost-effective processes that will increase efficiency and effectiveness of their mission. Our Certified CMMI Instructors and Lead Appraisers as well as our expert consultants use their hands-on experience and our tools to provide customers with practical, value-added CMMI and ISO 9001 implementations.

Our Process Improvement Services

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